Weekend Recap: Future, Texas Music Festival, Deftones + Rise Against

It turns out The Pavilion is a pretty versatile venue.

Thursday: Future + Nobody Safe Tour

Let’s see if I can’t set the scene for our Thursday night: 16,000 fans, for love of Future, Migos and the whole Nobody Safe Tour, poured into The Pavilion. They might have just been the loudest crowd we’ve heard all season. From the opening set by Zoey Dollaz to the last song by celebrated rapper Future, this crowd was on fire.


Oh, and it probably didn’t hurt that A$AP Ferg and Torey Lanez played most of their explosive sets from the lawn. It didn’t matter that a day before many people had expected the concert to rain out – the fans were there to see a great show by five phenomenal rap groups. The Nobody Safe Tour gave the people what they wanted. They were rightfully excited. 


Migos took the stage after an intro by DJ Khaled that seemed to make every single person under The Pavilion tent absolutely lose their minds. Migos never settled back into a song – every moment was electric and full of their classic fire. Fans knew every word, and the artists on stage knew it. They consistently let the crowd fill in as the lead vocalist on the track – and the massive crew on the lawn did not disappoint.

Then, somehow, the crowd reached an even higher level when Future took the stage. I assumed the night had reached its apex when Migos played their last song – how could it get any bigger, any louder? When Future came on, beats blasting and lights blaring, it found a way. 


Future didn’t slow down either – he came to The Pavilion as one of the biggest acts in rap. He certainly didn’t disappoint. I wish you could have heard how loud it was; if you live within 10 miles of The Pavilion, maybe you did.

Friday – Texas Music Festival Orchestra

On Friday night, a different kind of energy took the stage. Under the direction of Conductor Brett Mitchell, the Texas Music Festival Orchestra brought a wondrous sound to our stage.

Each year, young professional musicians flock to Houston to be a part of the Texas Music Festival Orchestra: a four-week, intensive program that develops their skills as musicians and their ability to succeed in the real world. These players are already deeply talented, making it through a rigorous process just to be a part of the performing orchestra.


That wasn’t all, though. Before the show, The Pavilion’s North Plaza played host to a pack of young boy and girl scouts hoping to earn their Music Merit Badge. They learned about the instruments the TMF Orchestra would play, they tested their skills on trumpets and tubas, and they even built their own musical instruments from nothing but a few glasses and some water! It was a joy to have them.


In my opinion (just an opinion) the best moment of the night was when soloist Matthew Lee graced the audience with a beautiful violin solo. Matthew is a young musician with an already impressive resume. He has played all over the US, winning numerous awards. His indescribably passionate violin playing also earned him the title of 2017 Cynthia Woods Mitchell Young Artist Competition Winner. I truly wish you could have been there to see his elegant work on stage.


Monday – Deftones & Rise Against

The weekend didn’t end there – The Pavilion carried the energy from Thursday and Friday night into Monday…and then some. Four powerful bands took the stage last night to the rejoicing noise of thousands of fans.


They played loud and fast, but not just for the sake of playing loud and fast. These bands all have something in common – they believe in hope. And the people who came to see them seem to believe in the same thing. These bands – Frank Iero, Thrice, Rise Against, Deftones – they want people to know that their actions make a difference, that their words are important. It was fun to watch people respond to that belief.


Fans were all smiles as they jumped up and down in the pit or on the lawn, or somewhere in between. They head-banged and they screamed every word – families, couples, friends who hadn’t seen each other in years. I felt honored to get to rock alongside them.

So, with a weekend of rap, classical orchestra and hard rock under our belt, we look forward to the week ahead:

Saturday, July 1: Prince Royce with Luis Coronel – Tickets + Info

Sunday, July 2: Majic 102.1 Summer Block Party – Tickets + Info

Monday, July 3: Free Houston Symphony: Star-Spangled Salute – Info

We’ll see you there.