TOP 9 Selfie Spots

You know what they say, “if you didn’t take a selfie – you weren’t really there.” Well, we’ve compiled a list of the top 9 selfie spots at The Pavilion to make sure EVERYONE knows where you spent your night out.

ONE: In the Pit with your favorite lead singer.

emilykeilen(Courtesy of @emilykeilen on Insta)

TWO: Chatting with George.

George Mitchell(Courtesy of The Pavilion)

THREE: Giving your ticket some love.

shamrockelvis(Courtesy of @shamrockelvis on Insta)

FOUR: From “camp” on the Hill.

madipen(Courtesy of @madipen on Insta)

FIVE: Strike a pose chord with our Art Bench.

Art Bench(Courtesy of The Pavilion)

SIX: With the peaks that light up the night.

heyyitsmaddy_(Courtesy of @heyyitsmaddy_ on Insta)

SEVEN: Time stamped in front of the marquee.

Marquee(Courtesy of @riley_tamblyn on Insta)

EIGHT: Showing off your Pavilion fashion in front of the vine wall.

Vine Wall(Courtesy of The Pavilion)

NINE: With 15,000 of your closest friends.

hallienicholls(Courtesy of @hallienicholls on Insta)

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Happy Snapping!